The world of alternative and environmentally conscious energy generation methods has become diverse and the automobile industry and customers are struggling to apply the best solutions for themselves.

One thing appears to have become clear: the world combustion engines using fossil fuels is coming to an end, and there are many reasons for this. Even if the end is not at the doorstep today, it is necessary to consider alternative drives, because awareness of the environment among the general population demands rapid change and furthermore we owe it to nature!

​​If you now look into the world of commercial vehicles and their users, the possible alternatives are currently being examined and it turns out that the question of who-needs-what is more complex to answer than in the passenger car sector. 

​​Why is this so? 

​The possible alternatives are certainly limited but nevertheless diverse at the same time. 

Their advantages and disadvantages will be answered by the question of different modes of use.

Consequently there is a matrix of questions to be answered, the solution to which may vary from vehicle fleet to each individual fleet itself. Here is a small selection of the questions to be posed:

  • E-Truck based on hydrogen / fuel cell

  • E-Truck based on battery / rechargeable battery

  • E-Truck Based on energy supply from external source (e.g. overhead cable)




in relation to:

  • Type of use of the vehicle: general cargo, heavy loads, construction vehicles etc.

  • Running time in daily use (frequency and length of depot stops)

  • Availability of energy in the network, i.e. network coverage

  • Coordination of the daily area of operation with the network coverage of the energy source ​

  • Cost/benefit structure 



“We have now been working on this topic

for some years and believe me:

It is fun to see how to make this big factor in transport cleaner, bit by bit!

And still better, how customers and people 

react so positively to pioneers on this issue.

Let us develop your concept together! 

We look forward to meeting you!”

Achim Ziemons


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